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Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Alive!!!!!

I have been very productive over the weekend, but since most of that simply involved washing wool to process for the shop, I thought I'd share another exciting thing with you. Now, I live in an apartment, so space is at an issue. I would like to say, my garden has successfully taken over the balcony. :D

Arugula and Pole Beans
Arugula on the left, and the right big leaves are those of some pole beans. I have beans people! I'm so happy things are growing happily out there!

Tomato plants, Romas
And this is my pride and joy. I bought three tomato plants and they all appear to be thriving. Do you see? There are blooms! That means that later in the summer, there will be TOMATOES!!!! I am ecstatic.

Later this season, I am going to have the BESTEST SALADS EVER!!!!!!

**I must rave about a special organic plant food I bought for my baby tomatoes. It's called Tomato-Tone and it's organic. Last year I tried to grow tomatoes, but they were Fred Meyer starts, so they really weren't the best to begin with.... And later in the season, I noticed they were dealing with a potassium deficiency. So this year I pre-emptively added some plant food. This stuff is amazing. My tomato plants are actually making it hard to walk on my balcony to water everything else. Tomatoes are THRIVING people, on a east facing balcony, in the middle of the city.  I really hope I get Roma-sized tomatoes this year. 

I'm going out to bask in the glory of my garden. Have a great day!

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