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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Down Time

I just finished knitting up my Trousseau Shawl by Carol Feller from Twist Collective Spring 2011. It is glorious.

This is the first project that I knit specifically for me to keep. I started it on April 4th (right after the Spring Twist Collective was published) and finished it on Wednesday (June 15).

So now what do I knit? I have a sweater for my father, knit out of alpaca yarn. But nothing else started. And I am finding trouble getting the mojo going again.

So do you ever have that issue? Where you finish one big project and it takes you a few days to get back in the groove? How do you get going again? I feel like I lose a lot of knitting time because of these little breaks between projects. And it doesn't matter if there is something already started, or if I have tons of things I want to knit. I just don't.

How can I get the mojo back? What do you do?

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