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Monday, January 17, 2011

When Motivation Wanes...READ!

After seeing a lot of tweets from after the ALA conference (American Library Association) about how libraries are closing down, I started feeling like we don't do enough to support our libraries. Two towns in the Western Washington area voted to not pay the taxes associated with libraries. Their library priveledges were taken away, and they griped about it.

The best thing we can do is to frequent our libraries. We need to show both the townspeople and the governing bodies that these are very important establishments!

*off of soapbox*

After dyeing 6 new items this morning, I started to feel like my motivation had gone out the window. So I turned to my Kindle to entertain me. I downloaded two samples of books that struck my fancy:

These are books whose samples were engaging and look like they should be incredibly helpful.

But before you go and buy them off of Amazon (using my link of course....can't pay my internet bills without an income...), Search your local library and see if these books are available. They are relatively new, but most libraries have a great procurement department. Read through them. Then, if you decide that they are worth the trouble, do two things:

1)Purchase the books through my link of linky goodness
2)Remember to vote yes on the levies to support your library.

Everyone wins. You stay entertained, and get a little motivation to try something different. And your libraries get to stay open. Perhaps a little more support will prevent the library systems from continuing to have mandatory days they must be closed in order to stay within budget.


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  1. I love our libraries here in Washington. I love the fact you can have 100 books out at one time lol sadly I have had about that many out a few times.

    I hope your motivation comes back soon. I can't wait to see what you dyed.